Urban Beekeeping and Honeybee Hive Removal


What does a honeybee look like?

All bees are hairy. If there is a dead bee, check to see if there are hairs on its body. Honeybees are commonly mistaken with yellow jacket wasps. Yellow jackets have smooth bodies. Please take a look at the following link for more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Characteristics_of_common_wasps_and_bees

How can I tell if I have honeybees, wasps or other stinging insects?

Typically you can tell by what type of nest the insect has. Honeybees make their nests out of wax. Other stinging insects make their nests out of wood fiber to build paper nests and may use mud to build nests as well.

What is a swarm?

A swarm, or a swarm cluster, is the term used for a large group of bees that aren’t flying. These resting bees are waiting to move to a new location. Don’t panic if you see a cluster. It may be scary to some people, but these clusters rarely sting. This might be due to the cluster gorging on honey before they leave the hive. If the cluster hasn’t begun to build wax yet, this is an excellent opportunity for an experienced beekeeper to collect the hive.