Urban Beekeeping and Honeybee Hive Removal


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All our honey is raw and unpasteurized. It is available for sale at local farmer's markets and artisan shows.

Honey Wine Vinegar

Our vinegar is made from 100% Ontario Honey using the static fermentation process.


There are four flavours available:

  • Honey Vinegar- Made from 100% Ontario Honey
  • Honey Garlic Vinegar- Made with 100% Ontario Honey and Ontario Garlic
  • Honey Apple Vinegar- Made from 100% Ontario Honey and Apple Cider
  • Honey Raspberry Vinegar- Made from 100% Ontario Honey and Raspberries

Our vinegars are a great addition to your kitchen. They can be used as salad dressings, used in marinades, baking and in vinaigrettes. If you would like to purchase, please email us.